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    Product Listing

    Mutual Funds

    AAL Capital Growth Fund AAL Capital Managment Co.
    ABN AMRO Asian Tigers Inv ABN AMRO Funds
    Acorn Fund Inc Acorn Funds
    Activa Intermediate Bond Activa Funds
    Advance Capital I Cornerstone Stock Cornerstone Family of Funds
    Aerodynamic Fund L.P. TradeSystem, Inc.
    AIM Advisor Flex A AIM Funds Management Inc.
    AIM Advisor Flex B AIM Funds Management Inc.
    AIM Advisor Flex C AIM Funds Management Inc.
    AIM Advisor International Value A AIM Funds Management Inc.
    AIM Advisor International Value B AIM Funds Management Inc.
    Alger Balanced A Alger Funds
    Amcap American Funds Group
    Amcap B American Funds Group
    American Balanced American Funds Group
    American Capital Exchange Van Kampen Funds
    American Century Balanced Adv American Century Investments
    American Century Investments American Century Investments
    American High-Income American Funds Group
    American High-Income Municipal Bond American Funds Group
    American Mutual American Funds Group
    Ariel Appreciation Ariel Mutual Funds
    Ariel Fund Ariel Mutual Funds
    Artisan Mid Cap Artisan Funds
    ASAF Founders Intl Small Cap B American Skandia Advisor Funds
    ASAF Neuberger Berman Mid-Cap Gwth A American Skandia Advisor Funds
    AXP Blue Chip Advantage A American Express
    AXP Blue Chip Advantage B American Express
    AXP Bond A American Express
    AXP Bond B American Express
    Balanced Bridgeway Funds
    Baron Small Cap Fund Baron Capital, Inc.
    BlackRock Balanced Inv A Black Rock Financial Managment
    BlackRock Balanced Inv B Black Rock Financial Managment
    BlackRock Balanced Inv C Black Rock Financial Managment
    BlackRock Balanced Svc Black Rock Financial Managment
    Brandywine Blue Brandywine Funds
    Bridgeway Aggressive Growth Bridgeway Funds
    Burnham A Burnham Funds
    California Investment Equity Income California Investment Trust
    Calvert CA Municipal Intermediate A Calvert Group
    CGM American Tax-Free CGM
    Delaware American Government Bond A Delaware America
    Delaware American Government Bond B Delaware America
    Delaware American Government Bond C Delaware America
    Delaware Balanced A Delaware America
    Delaware Balanced B Delaware America
    DLJ Winthrop Developing Markets A DLJ Winthrop Mutual Funds
    Dodge & Cox Balanced Dodge & Cox Funds
    Dresdner RCM Global Small Cap I Dresdner RCM Global Funds
    Dreyfus U.S, Treasury Intrm-Term Dreyfus Corporation
    Dupree KY Tax-Free Short-to-Medium Dupree Mutual Funds
    Eaton Vance Balanced A Eaton Vance Group
    Eaton Vance Balanced B Eaton Vance Group
    Eclipse Balanced Eclipse Funds
    Enterprise Capital Appreciation B Enterprise Group of Funds
    Evergreen A Evergreen Funds
    Evergreen Aggressive Growth A Evergreen Funds
    Evergreen Aggressive Growth B Evergreen Funds
    Evergreen Aggressive Growth C Evergreen Funds
    Evergreen Aggressive Growth Y Evergreen Funds
    Excelsior CA Tax-Exempt Income Excelsior Funds
    FBR Financial Services FBR Mutual Funds
    Federated Adjustable Rate U.S. Govt F Federated Investors, Inc.
    Federated Aggresseve Growth B Federated Investors, Inc.
    Federated Aggressive Growth A Federated Investors, Inc.
    Federated Aggressive Growth C Federated Investors, Inc.
    Federated American Leaders A Federated Investors, Inc.
    Fidelity Fidelity Investments
    Fidelity Advisor Asset Allocation B Fidelity Investments
    Fidelity Advisor Asset Allocation T Fidelity Investments
    Fidelity Advisor Balanced A Fidelity Investments
    Fidelity Advisor Balanced B Fidelity Investments
    Fidelity Advisor Balanced C Fidelity Investments
    Fidelity Aggressive Growth Fidelity Investments
    Fidelity Aggressive Intl Fidelity Investments
    First American International A First American Discount
    First Eagle Fund of America Y First Eagle Funds
    Firstar Balanced Growth Ret A Firstar Funds
    Fortis Advantage Asset Allocation A Fortis Funds
    Franklin Adjustable U.S. Govt Secs Franklin Group of Funds
    Fremont CA Intermediate Tax-Free Fremont Funds
    Gabelli Value Gabelli Asset Management, Inc.
    Galaxy CT Municipal Bond Ret Galaxy Funds (1784 Boston Funds)
    George Putnam Fund of Boston A Putnam Funds
    Goldman Sachs Adj Rate Govt A Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt Group
    INVESCO Balanced Inv Invesco Family of Funds
    Janus Janus
    Japan S Scudder Funds
    Kemper Aggressive Growth A Kemper Funds
    Legg Mason Value Trust Legg Mason Funds
    Liberty CA Tax-Exempt A Liberty Financial
    Liberty CA Tax-Exempt B Liberty Financial
    Liberty Fund A Liberty Financial
    Liberty Fund B Liberty Financial
    Liberty Fund C Liberty Financial
    Lord Abbett Alpha A Lord Abbett Family of Funds
    MainStay Blue Chip Growth A Mainstay Funds
    Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch & Co
    MFS AL Municipal Bond A MFS Family of Funds
    Montgomery Small Cap P The Montgomery Funds
    MSDW American Opportunities B Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online
    Munder Balanced A Munder Funds: Munder Capital Management
    Nations Aggressive Growth Inv A Nations Funds
    Nations U.S. Government Bond Inv C Nations Funds
    Neuberger Berman Partners Neuberger Berman Management Inc.
    One Group AZ Municipal Bond A One Group
    Oppenheimer Champion Income A OppenheimerFunds
    PaineWebber Asia Pacific Growth A PaineWebber Mutual Funds
    PBHG Core Growth PBHG Funds
    Phoenix-Aberdeen Global Small Cap A Phoenix Funds
    Pioneer A Pioneer Funds
    RS Contrarian RS Funds
    Schwab 1000 Inv Schwab Funds
    Seligman Capital A Seligman Group
    Smith Barney Adjustable Rate Govt A Smith Barney Group
    Smith Barney Aggressive Growth A Smith Barney Group
    State Street Exchange State Street Research Group
    Strong Growth 20 Fund Strong Investments
    T. Rowe Price Diversified Small Cap Growth T. Rowe Price
    Technology Value Fund Firsthand Funds
    Templeton Capital Accumulator Templeton Group
    The Oakmark Fund Oakmark
    Thornburg Value Fund A Thornburg Investment Management
    Touchstone Bond A Touchstone Funds
    USAA Aggressive Growth USAA Group
    Vanguard 500 Index The Vanguard Group
    Weitz Value Weitz Funds


    Technical Analysis, Inc.

    Worden Brothers, Inc.
    TC2000 Mutual Fund Data Service
    TC2000 Stock Data Service
    TC2000 Training Class
    TC2000 ver 4.7


    Professional Market Brokerage
    PMB, Inc. (Professional Market Brokerage, Inc.)

    ZAP Futures
    Zap Futures

    On-Site Trading, Inc.
    On-Site Trading, Inc.

    NeuroDimension, Inc.

    Pristine Day Trader
    Pristine Day Trading

    TCI Washintgon, DC
    TCI Trading Education
    TCI Trading Systems


    Terra Nova Online
    Terra Nova Online

    AIQ Systems
    Trading Expert Pro

    Chicago Mercantile Exchange
    Chicago Mercantile Exchange


    eSignal Market Scanner

    Datek Online
    Datek Online

    TCI San Francisco
    TCI Corporation

    Equis International, Inc.
    MetaStock Professional
    MetaStock for Java
    MetaStock for Windows CE
    The DownLoader

    E Trade

    Ultimate Trader'sToolbox CD-ROM

    Global Forex Trading, Ltd.
    Online Forex Trading

    OPTIONETICS Platinum Site
    WealthWire Stocks

    Natural Order Educators
    Natural Order Method for futures and stocks

    TradeStation Technologies
    OptionStation 2000i
    ProSuite 2000i
    RadarScreen 2000i
    SuperCharts (End of day)
    SuperCharts Real Time
    TradeStation 2000i
    TradeStation Conference & Expo, Nov. 16-18, 2001
    TradeStation Securities

    Prognosis Software Development
    ELWAVE 6.1 (End of day)
    ELWAVE 6.1 (full real time version)

    Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Charting the Stock Market: The Wyckoff Method
    Professional Traders Starter Kit
    S&C on CD 4.18
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 1
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 10
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 11
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 12
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 13
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 14
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 15
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 16
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 17
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 2
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 3
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 4
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 5
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 6
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 7
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 8
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 9
    Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Advantage Advantage
    Working Money, The Investors' Magazine

    Townsend Analytics, Ltd.
    Real Tick III

    TradeWins Publishing
    Various Publications

    Trading Techniques, Inc.
    Advanced GET
    Advanced GET Real Time
    GETData Internet Data Downloader

    Ward Systems Group, Inc.
    NeuroShell DayTrader Professional
    NeuroShell Trader
    NeuroShell Trader Professional

  • Trend Reflection
  • Ted Hearne Associates, Inc
  • Striker Securities, Inc.
  • Data Transmission Network Corp

  • Options
    MESA Bonds
    MESA Bonds
    MESA for NeuroShell Trader
    MESA for SuperCharts
    MESA for TradeStation
    Sierra Hotel
    Sierra Hotel
    Casino War-Games for Market Trading Discipline
    The WAY Of The Warrior-Trader
    Zen-Mind Challenge for Trading Professionals
    Prophet JavaCharts Pro - Interactive Futures Chart
    ProphetDirect - Power Tools for Online Trader
    ProphetStation - The Online Trader's Workstation
    DeepInsight Daily Version
    DeepInsight Real Time Version
    Aerodynamic Fund L.P.
    Aerodynamic Investments Inc - Professional Trading
    Aerodynamic Trading
    Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional
    Bollinger Capital Management, Inc.
    Bollinger On Bollinger Bands
    Capital Growth Letter
    John Bollinger's Capital Growth Letter
    John Bollinger's Group Power
    Volume Indicators
    Golden SX
    Little Big Horn
    Millennium 2000
    CMI's Index Options Trader
    CMI's Stock Options Trader
    %C-Play Gap ID
    Early Late Breaker
    S&P Day Trading Live.
    Unfair Advantage (UA)
    Unfair Advantage (UA)
    Formula Research
    Spreadsheets for Formula Research Timing Models
    Ganntrader 3
    FastTrack for the Web
    FastTrack for the Web
    CFB - Composite Fractal Behavior
    DDR - Decorrelator & Dimension Reducer
    JMA - Jurik Moving Average
    RSX -- Relative Strength Index
    VEL - Zero-Lag Velocity
    WAV - Time Series Sample Compression

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