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    "How to Make Money in the Futures Market..." Ted Hearne Associates, Inc
    2001 GTT Trader Tax Return Examples Guide (c)
    2001 Trader Tax Guide & Questionnaire (c)
    45 Years In Wall Street Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    A Better Way To Make Money Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    A Traders Handbook, the Reversal Day Phenomenon Traders Network Inc.
    Aerodynamic Trading TradeSystem, Inc.
    Anatomy of a Crash -- 1929 Fraser Publishing Company
    Astro-Cycles and Speculative Markets Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    At the Crest of the Tidal Wave Elliott Wave International
    Be A Winner Trading Commodities The Beacon Companies, Inc
    Bear Trading
    Bruce Gould on Commodities, Vol 1-12 Bruce Gould Publications
    Candle Patterns MURPHYMORRIS, Inc.
    Candlestick Charting Explained MURPHYMORRIS, Inc.
    Chart Reading For Professional Traders Stock Cycles Forecast
    Chart Trading
    Charting The Market The Wyckoff Method Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Inc.
    Charting the Stock Market: The Wyckoff Method Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Choose Stocks That Will Outperform the Market 2001 Astro Economics, Inc.
    Commodity Reference Guide 2000 The Hightower Report
    Comparison of Popular Trading Systems, 2nd edition LINK Financial
    Cycle of Time
    Dance of the Money Bees Fraser Publishing Company
    Day by Day Characterization of S&P Futures Analytics Research Corporation
    Destiny is Real/Unknowing Actor's Theory (book/vid PQ Wall Forecast
    DiNapoli Levels Coast Investment Software Inc.
    Don't Trade For A Living..Trade For A Fortune! Online Power Marketing
    Electronic Day Traders' Secrets TradersEdge.Net, LLC
    Elliott Wave Principle Elliott Wave International
    ElliottWavePrinciple&AnalyticalSystemForTradePlane Igor Malinovski
    Encyclopedia of Personal Finance Precision Information LLC
    Eric Hadik's Tech Tip Reference Library
    ERMANOMETRY-The Perfectly Patterned Stock Market Ermanometry Research
    Exempt Hedge Fund Start Up Kit Miramar Research Group - Enterprises
    Extraordinary Popular Delusions, madness of crowds Crown Publishing, order via Random House
    Forecasts For 2001 Merriman Market Analyst, Inc.
    Fourteen Methods of Operating in The Stock Market Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Inc.
    Gann's Greatest Secret MicroMedia
    General Theory of Evolution or Dukascopy Dukascopy R. G.
    Getting Started in Wireless Trading 10 Squared Corporation
    Global Equity Investing Strategic Market Systems
    How Charts Can Help You In the Stock Market Fraser Publishing Company
    How I Double My Money Annually in the Market Qi2 Technologies Inc
    How I Trade And Invest In Stocks & Bonds Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Inc.
    How I Trade for A Living Reality Based Trading Company
    How to Become a Real-Time Commodity Futures Trader The Futures Group, Inc.
    How to Make Money in Stocks
    How To Make Profits In Commodities Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    How To Make Profits Trading in Puts and Calls Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    How to Read Financial Statements Investor Learning Centre of Canada
    How to Start and Run an Investment Club Investor Learning Centre of Canada
    How to Start Day Trading Futures Options & Indices Scientfic Consultant Services, Inc
    How To Stop Sabotaging Your Trading Success Qi2 Technologies Inc
    Hurst Cycles Trading Course Traders Press, Inc.
    Impulse Time Technical Analysis. Database Tamer. Igor Malinovski
    Inleiding tot het Elliott Wave Principle Ed's Beleggings Analyse Shop (EBAS)
    Intermarket Technical Analysis MURPHYMORRIS, Inc.
    Invest Like the Pros: Value Investing in Futures Crown Futures Corporation
    Investment Terms and Definitions Investor Learning Centre of Canada
    INVESTOR'S software
    John Murphy on Chart Analysis MURPHYMORRIS, Inc.
    John Murphy on Chart Analysis Infinity Brokerage Services
    Judging The Market & How To Select A Stock Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Inc.
    Live the Dream by Profitably Day Trdg Stock Future Reality Based Trading Company
    Low Exposure Daytrading 10 Squared Corporation
    Managing Metals Price Risk with The London Metal E London Metal Exchange
    Managing the Euro in Information Systems
    Market AstroPhysics and Chaos MicroMedia
    Mastering Cotton Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    Merriman on Market Cycles: The Basics Merriman Market Analyst, Inc.
    New Stock Trend Detector Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    Nothing, 2nd edition OceanBlue Publishing
    Optional Wealth Optional Wealth Investment Systems
    Out of Print Stock Market and Commodity Books Ron Bever--Books
    Paradigm Lost: Psychology of Money & Investing Fraser Publishing Company
    Planetary Cycles - Advanced Studies Planetary Cycles
    Planetary Cycles - Soybean Calendar Planetary Cycles
    Planetary Stock Trading Cycles Research
    Prechter's Perspective Elliott Wave International
    Profitable Commodity Futures Trading from A to Z Reality Based Trading Company
    Profits In the Stock Market Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    R. N. Elliott's Masterworks Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator John Wiley & Sons - Wiley Order Dept.
    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    Science and Secrets of Wheat Trading Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    Share Trading
    Smarter Trading Strategic Market Systems
    SRC Green Book of 35-Year Stock Charts Securities Research Company
    Stock Market Forecast 2000 Joseph's Scientific Forecasts
    Stock Market Techniques #1 Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Inc.
    Stock Market Techniques #2 Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Inc.
    Stock Patterns for Day Trading Sceptre Trading
    Stock Patterns for Day Trading 2 -- Advanced Sceptre Trading
    Stock Trading Wizard
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 10 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 11 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 12 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 13 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 14 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 15 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 16 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 17 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 3 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 4 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 5 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 6 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 7 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 8 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 9 Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Stops for All Seasons Reality Based Trading Company
    Studies in Tape Reading Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Inc.
    Tape Reading and Market Tactics Fraser Publishing Company
    Tax Havens of the World New Providence Estate Planners, Ltd.
    Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional TradeSystem, Inc.
    Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets MURPHYMORRIS, Inc.
    The "Secrets of WinningDayTraders" Handbook
    The Battle for Investment Survival Fraser Publishing Company
    The Bottom Line Guide to Investing Investor Learning Centre of Canada
    The Business-One Irwin Guide to Trading Systems Reality Based Trading Company
    The Commodity Trading Tutor and Workbook Reality Based Trading Company
    The Complete Commodity Futures Directory
    The Complete Option Player Institute for Options Research Inc.
    The Dow Theory Fraser Publishing Company
    The Dow Theory Today Fraser Publishing Company
    The Electronic Day Trader TradersEdge.Net, LLC
    The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies Scientfic Consultant Services, Inc
    The Fifth Wave - Stocks Investment Educators
    The Geometry Of Stock Market Profits Stock Cycles Forecast
    The Greyseal Swing Trading Tool Good Trader
    The Magic Word Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    The Mind of the Market Fraser Publishing Company
    The Murrey Math Trading System The Murrey Math Trading System
    The Nature of Risk Fraser Publishing Company
    The Option Advisor: Wealth - Building Techniques Schaeffer's Investment Research
    The Option Player's Advanced Guidebook Institute for Options Research Inc.
    The Options Encyclopedia
    The PATTERNS of Gann Granville Cooley
    The Proof of the Pudding Fraser Publishing Company
    The Secret of the Universe 10 Squared Corporation
    The SRC Blue Book of 12-Year NYSE Stocks Securities Research Company
    The SRC Orange Book of 12-Year NASDAQ Charts Securities Research Company
    The Strategic Electronic Day Trader
    The Traders Handbook, The Reversal Date Phenomenon Traders Network Inc.
    The Tunnel Thru The Air Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Vol 1 & 2 Merriman Market Analyst, Inc.
    The Visual Investor MURPHYMORRIS, Inc.
    The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior Elliott Wave International
    The WAY Of The Warrior-Trader Zen-Mind International, Inc.
    The Weekly Analyst Course Manual Westfall Financial Services, LLC
    Theory of Investment Value Fraser Publishing Company
    Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Daytrading Daytraders Bulletin
    Trader 2000 DayTrade Technologies
    Trader's Instruction Book Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    Traders Catalog Traders Press, Inc.
    Traders' Secrets Adrienne Toghraie: Trading on Target
    Trading Any Market in Any Timeframe Analytics Research Corporation
    Trading From the Inside Traders Network Inc.
    Trading Futures with Classical Chart Patterns Reality Based Trading Company
    Trading Systems and Methods, 3rd Edition Strategic Market Systems
    Trading Tactics
    Trading the Eclipses MicroMedia
    Trading the Overflight MicroMedia
    Trading the Plan
    Truth of the Stock Tape/Wall Street Stock Selector Lambert-Gann Publishing Co
    Twin Peaks of 1999 Joseph's Scientific Forecasts
    Using STOCHASTICS, Cycles & RSI Investment Educators
    Various Professional Solutions, Inc.
    Ventures & Adventures Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Inc.
    What every Canadian should know about Family Finan Investor Learning Centre of Canada
    What every Canadian should know about Mutual Funds Investor Learning Centre of Canada
    When to Sell Fraser Publishing Company
    Why Most Investors are Mostly Wrong Most of Time Fraser Publishing Company
    Why You Win or Lose:The Pyschology of Speculation Fraser Publishing Company
    Your Electric Life, Science for a New Age MicroMedia


    Technical Analysis, Inc.

    Worden Brothers, Inc.
    TC2000 Mutual Fund Data Service
    TC2000 Stock Data Service
    TC2000 Training Class
    TC2000 ver 4.7


    Professional Market Brokerage
    PMB, Inc. (Professional Market Brokerage, Inc.)

    ZAP Futures
    Zap Futures

    On-Site Trading, Inc.
    On-Site Trading, Inc.

    NeuroDimension, Inc.

    Pristine Day Trader
    Pristine Day Trading

    TCI Washintgon, DC
    TCI Trading Education
    TCI Trading Systems


    Terra Nova Online
    Terra Nova Online

    AIQ Systems
    Trading Expert Pro

    Chicago Mercantile Exchange
    Chicago Mercantile Exchange


    eSignal Market Scanner

    Datek Online
    Datek Online

    TCI San Francisco
    TCI Corporation

    Equis International, Inc.
    MetaStock Professional
    MetaStock for Java
    MetaStock for Windows CE
    The DownLoader

    E Trade

    Ultimate Trader'sToolbox CD-ROM

    Global Forex Trading, Ltd.
    Online Forex Trading

    OPTIONETICS Platinum Site
    WealthWire Stocks

    Natural Order Educators
    Natural Order Method for futures and stocks

    TradeStation Technologies
    OptionStation 2000i
    ProSuite 2000i
    RadarScreen 2000i
    SuperCharts (End of day)
    SuperCharts Real Time
    TradeStation 2000i
    TradeStation Conference & Expo, Nov. 16-18, 2001
    TradeStation Securities

    Prognosis Software Development
    ELWAVE 6.1 (End of day)
    ELWAVE 6.1 (full real time version)

    Technical Analysis, Inc.
    Charting the Stock Market: The Wyckoff Method
    Professional Traders Starter Kit
    S&C on CD 4.18
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 1
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 10
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 11
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 12
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 13
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 14
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 15
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 16
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 17
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 2
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 3
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 4
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 5
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 6
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 7
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 8
    Stocks & Commodities Volume 9
    Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Advantage Advantage
    Working Money, The Investors' Magazine

    Townsend Analytics, Ltd.
    Real Tick III

    TradeWins Publishing
    Various Publications

    Trading Techniques, Inc.
    Advanced GET
    Advanced GET Real Time
    GETData Internet Data Downloader

    Ward Systems Group, Inc.
    NeuroShell DayTrader Professional
    NeuroShell Trader
    NeuroShell Trader Professional

  • Data Transmission Network Corp
  • Trend Reflection
  • Ted Hearne Associates, Inc
  • Striker Securities, Inc.

  • Catscan
    Golden SX
    Little Big Horn
    Millennium 2000
    CMI's Index Options Trader
    CMI's Stock Options Trader
    %C-Play Gap ID
    Early Late Breaker
    S&P Day Trading Live.
    Unfair Advantage (UA)
    Unfair Advantage (UA)
    Formula Research
    Spreadsheets for Formula Research Timing Models
    Ganntrader 3
    FastTrack for the Web
    FastTrack for the Web
    CFB - Composite Fractal Behavior
    DDR - Decorrelator & Dimension Reducer
    JMA - Jurik Moving Average
    RSX -- Relative Strength Index
    VEL - Zero-Lag Velocity
    WAV - Time Series Sample Compression
    MESA Bonds
    MESA Bonds
    MESA for NeuroShell Trader
    MESA for SuperCharts
    MESA for TradeStation
    Sierra Hotel
    Sierra Hotel
    Casino War-Games for Market Trading Discipline
    The WAY Of The Warrior-Trader
    Zen-Mind Challenge for Trading Professionals
    Prophet JavaCharts Pro - Interactive Futures Chart
    ProphetDirect - Power Tools for Online Trader
    ProphetStation - The Online Trader's Workstation
    DeepInsight Daily Version
    DeepInsight Real Time Version
    Aerodynamic Fund L.P.
    Aerodynamic Investments Inc - Professional Trading
    Aerodynamic Trading
    Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional
    Bollinger Capital Management, Inc.
    Bollinger On Bollinger Bands
    Capital Growth Letter
    John Bollinger's Capital Growth Letter
    John Bollinger's Group Power
    Volume Indicators

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